A NY man who was previously arrested for possession of child pornography was charged with abducting and murdering a school librarian and raping her 10-year-old daughter, The Associated Press reports.

Police say David J. Renz, 29, removed his ankle monitor, then drove to a mall near Syracuse, NY, where he abducted the woman and her daughter as they left a gymnastics class, around 9 p.m. Thursday.

Renz forced the woman and her daughter into their SUV, bound them both, fatally stabbed the woman and raped the girl.

Police say he then drove a short distance to a location where the girl was able to escape. A passing motorist spotted the girl and stopped. The motorist told 911 dispatch he saw a man running away from the scene.

Sheriff’s deputies on the ground and in the air tracked Renz down and arrested him.

Renz was previously arrested in January and charged with the felony possession of child pornography consisting of 500 videos and 3000 images on one of 4 computers found in the bedroom of his North Syracuse apartment in June.

Renz was released from jail under the condition that he wear the ankle monitor, stay home at night, avoid the Internet, and stay away from schools and areas where there are children.

According to The Associated Press, Renz lost his job at a grocery store and moved in with his mother. He was unable to find work.

Federal probation officials are trying to determine why a monitoring company didn’t alert police when Renz removed his ankle monitor. Renz is being held without bond on federal and state charges.

Photo: Associated Press