Natisha Hillard and Christopher Bour

An Indiana mother sold her own infant to a man to make a child pr0n, NBC News reports.

Natisha Hillard, 24, was arrested after she sold her 18-month-old infant daughter to 39-year-old Christopher Bour for the purpose of making child pr0n.

Police say Hillard, who met Bour in an online dating chat room, was fully aware of Bour’s intentions when she agreed to the illegal transaction.

The FBI learned of the deal after being tipped off by an unidentified masseuse who said Bour phoned her about his intentions to sexually abuse the child himself.

According to London’s Daily Mail, two of the text messages read: “U wanna watch me play with a baby tomorrow a real one” and “I get a chance once in a while I was just seeing if you would hold the camera.”

An FBI agent pretending to be the masseuse texted Bour back, asking what he planned to do to the baby.

Bour responded with graphic details describing his sick plans to molest the baby.

FBI agents raided Hammond’s home in Hammond, Indiana, confiscating his computer and boxes of evidence, including photos and videos of Bour engaging in sex acts with minor children.

Hillard is charged with selling her daughter for production of child pr0n, and with allowing the child to participate in child pr0n.

Bour was charged with production of child pr0n, purchasing a child for the purpose of child pr0n and possession of child pr0n.

All of the charges are felonies. The FBI did not disclose the amount of the transaction.

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