Beyonce Bow Down

Sometimes a person’s chronological age is not a proper indicator of their developmental age. That should always be taken into consideration when dealing with a person who behaves much older or younger than their stated age.

Take Beyonce for instance: chronologically she is 31, but developmentally, she behaves more like a petulant, overindulged child. She constantly lies; she plants stories in the media; she steals other people’s work and credits the work as her own; she lip syncs when she should sing live; she simulates being pregnant while allowing someone else to do all the heavy lifting of giving birth.

In other words, she constantly tests limits and boundaries.

The fact that Beyonce posted a picture of herself as a child is no coincidence. Developmentally, Beyonce has not grown beyond the age she was when that picture was taken.

On Sunday Beyonce threw a digital tantrum in the form of a horrendous track titled “Bow Down Bitches” on her personal website. Like most children who throw tantrums, Beyonce is seeking attention from those who adore her.

It doesn’t matter to Beyonce that the track is appallingly bad. What matters most to her is the attention she gains from releasing it.


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