Lil Wayne Epileptic

Rapper Lil Wayne is attempting to deflect rumors of his alleged drug use by claiming to be an epileptic. Epilepsy can be an acute (new) or chronic (longstanding) disruption of signals in the brain that results in controlled or uncontrolled convulsions (seizure activity).

In an interview with LA’s Power 106 on Thursday, Wayne, 30, said epilepsy is the reason behind his multiple hospitalizations — not his reported addiction to Promethazine/Codeine prescription cough syrup (aka Sizzurp or Purple Drank), which can also cause epileptic seizures.

Promethazine/Codeine is not prescribed for epilepsy.

Wayne has been hospitalized for recurrent seizures at least 4 times in the past 6 months. His most recent health scare landed him in ICU for 5 days.

With Wayne about to embark on a grueling 40-city tour (with rappers T.I. Harris and Future), concert venues are naturally questioning if Wayne’s ongoing health problems will inhibit his ability to perform as scheduled.

If Wayne has epilepsy — and he is still drinking prescription cough syrup — it’s a sure bet that he will not be able to fulfill his contractual obligations to perform every night.

A smart man would have gone to drug rehab and then gone on tour. But we all know Lil Wayne is not very smart.

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