Color correction

One of the problems that we bloggers encounter on a daily basis is how to edit photos that are dark, have poor contrast and horrible skin tones. Most photo wire services usually don’t color correct photos for copyright and journalistic reasons. So it’s left up to the individual blogger to color correct our own photos — which most bloggers don’t know how to do.

A quick Google search yields thousands of websites offering tips on color correcting your photos. But most of the tips are tedious and too complicated for the casual user to understand.

Photoshop has a built-in color correction tool that allows the user to color correct their photos with one click, but it isn’t perfect and sometimes the results are less than desirable.

Years ago, before I started blogging, I found a plugin called iCorrect EditLab that was developed by a company called PictoColor.

Let me pause here to clarify that this post is not a paid endorsement. I’m simply sharing one of my blog secrets with my fellow bloggers to make your lives a little easier.

The PictoColor plugin is simply the best Photoshop plugin I have ever used.

At $99 for the no-frills version, this plugin doesn’t come cheap. But the ease with which the plugin perfectly corrects my photos is worth every penny.

Once you download and install the plugin, you open Photoshop and locate the plugin under Filter > PictoColor. You can then color edit your photos by simply clicking on any white, black or grey areas within the photo. That’s it.

The tool also allows you to easily adjust tone, brightness, saturation, and contrast. In no time you will be editing photos like the pros.

Happy color editing! :)