Video Proof That 2 Chainz Was Robbed

It looks like rapper 2 Chainz told a lie when he claimed he wasn’t robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco last Sunday. Maybe he forgot the critical details of the robbery in all the excitement?

Gossip website has obtained video footage of 2 Chainz and his hard leg crew being chased down by 2 men and robbed at gunpoint.

The video shows 2 Chainz and his entourage casually strolling down the street single file when at least 2 men approach, one pointing a gun directly at 2 Chainz’s head. Footage from two surveillance cameras shows 2 Chainz and his crew turning and running as fast as they can when the gunman approaches.

The robbers obviously targeted the Atlanta rapper. One of them is so confident that he skips after the fleeing rapper.

Video Proof That 2 Chainz Was Robbed

2 Chainz almost managed to escape but he became tangled up in his sagging jeans and he stumbled and fell. The gunman catches up to him and, according to a police report, relieves the rapper of his wallet, gold jewelry and cell phones.

After the story of the robbery broke, 2 Chainz, formerly Tity Boi of the rap duo Playaz Circle, took to his Twitter account and denied everything: “Nobody took Anything from me, i didn’t get shot, I’m not in jail, Don’t know wut else to tell ya. Sorry if I disappointed anyone, maybe next time.”

He even solicited his good friend, blogger Karen Civil, to cover for him:

Video Proof That 2 Chainz Was Robbed

Men lie, women lie, but video doesn’t lie.

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