Word out of Rihanna’s camp is the singer is considering taking out a restraining order if her former lover Chris Brown doesn’t stop dropping her name in interviews. I can’t say any more about that for legal reasons. But if it happens, remember where you read it first.

Both Rihanna and Chris cut off all contact with each other after their break up in May. But that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to use Rihanna’s name to promote his upcoming album.

Brown’s latest publicity stunt came in the form of a tweet saying he and Rihanna were collaborating on a new track called “Put It Up”. But Rihanna lashed out with a subliminal tweet on Twitter.com: “B*tch you will die, be born again, die again and be born again before I do a song with you b*tch,” she wrote.

Undeterred by Rihanna’s threats, Brown continues to promote the track — even though it may not appear on his album.

“It flows easy,” Brown said of the song he and Rihanna recorded before the break up. “What works with us is that we have similar ways of creating music. It’s as effortless as can be,” Chris told Hollywood Life.

Rihanna is reportedly so stressed out by Brown’s disrespect that she shows up hours late for her concerts. The “Pour It Up” singer showed up 3 hours late for her concert Wednesday night in Monte Carlo, Monaco, leaving fans who had paid at least $782 fuming.

“Still no news of Rihanna,” @MorganeDK tweeted at the two hour mark. “Are you lost?” the same user asked. “Noooo I haven’t been waiting … for 3 hours for nothing, have I?” another user tweeted. “She’s three hours late.”

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