Floyd Mayweather cash

Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather has everything money can buy. Too bad his money can’t buy him common sense or self-esteem, because then he would truly be prosperous.

Mayweather’s millions keeps him relatively comfortable — and he makes sure to always have at least a million in cold cash on hand. As for the rest of his money, according to ESPN The Magazine, the narcissistic pugilist keeps $123 million in a single bank account.

By the way, the FDIC covers bank deposits up to $250,000. So if Floyd’s bank ever goes under, the majority of his cash will go down with it.

From Yahoo Finance:

Mayweather has a single bank account with $123 million in it, according to an ESPN The Magazine feature by reporter Tim Keown.
Keown was with Mayweather in a Grand Rapids, Mich. Foot Locker when the boxer discreetly showed him his bank account receipt and said, “One account, baby.”

Keown writes:

“I had heard that Floyd does his banking the old-fashioned way: going inside, talking to a real-life teller. He is also known to be a big proponent of maximum liquidity. Still, the amount of digits spread across the bottom-right corner doesn’t seem possible.”

Mayweather was the highest-earning athlete in the world from 2011 to 2012, making $85 million, according to Forbes.

It’s unclear what his exact net worth is, but it’s fair to assume that $123 million is a good chunk of it.

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