Is Bill de Blasio the Next Mayor of New York

98% of the vote is in in New York’s Democratic race for mayor. Mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio has a comfortable lead with 40% of the votes.

The 6 -foot-5 Public Advocate for the City of New York is on the verge of being elected Mayor of New York at age 52, replacing the departing Michael Bloomberg, 71.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn — a lesbian who is married to a woman — is a distant third in the Democratic race.

What makes de Blasio more interesting than his political aspirations (at least to me) is that his wife, Chirlane McCray, is black and a former lesbian.

Is Bill de Blasio the Next Mayor of New York

Is Bill de Blasio the Next Mayor of New York

Chirlane’s lesbian past is an important aspect of this mayoral race because her story will help to debunk the myths that gays and lesbians are “born that way” and that homosexuality is not a choice.

In an interview with ESSENCE magazine, Chirlane, 58, said she was able to fall in Love with de Blasio “by putting aside the assumptions I had about the form and package my love would come in.”

In 1979 Chirlane wrote an essay for ESSENCE entitled, “I Am a Lesbian,” about coming out as a gay black woman.

Chirlane met Bill in 1991 when she worked for the New York Commission on Human Rights and he was an aide to then-Mayor David Dinkins.

The couple, who wed in 1994, have two children, daughter Chiara, 19, and son 15-year-old Dante, both of whom helped him campaign.

Is Bill de Blasio the Next Mayor of New York

Dante’s prominent afro is being credited with capturing the hearts of voters. He appeared in several televised campaign spots and was frequently by his dad’s side.

Is Bill de Blasio the Next Mayor of New York

But it is Chirlane who will hopefully make the biggest impact if de Blasio is elected mayor of New York.

The Gay Agenda, through its alliance with the national media and well-known public figures such as President Obama, is promoting homosexuality to children as young as 4 years old.

Hopefully, Chirlane will use her newfound status as a position of moral authority to challenge the Homosexual Agenda.

Adults can live their lives however they want to, but aberrant sexual behavior should never be promoted to children in schools as “normal”. That’s the domain of a child’s parent to discuss the issue of homosexuality, if they so wish to.

Is it too late for de Blasio to run for president in 2016?