Adrian Peterson

Minnesota Vikings MVP running back Adrian Peterson played in Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, after his 2-year-old son died of brain injuries suffered in a brutal beating last week in South Dakota.

The child was beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend, Joseph Patterson, who is being held on $750,000 bond.

Adrian Peterson tugged at heart strings by claiming he was only playing for his son — the boy he never met.

Many questioned Peterson’s heartless behavior after he notified his coaches of his plans to play in Sunday’s game — while his son was on life support.

“I was set on it,” he said before his son died on Friday. “I just look at things and I don’t ask people to understand my mindset and how I think.”

Adrian Peterson

It seems the Vikings didn’t need Peterson in Sunday’s line up after all. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton threw for 3 touchdowns and ran for another TD in the Panthers’ 35-10 drubbing of the Vikings, who fell to 1-4. Peterson ran for just 62 yards in the Vikings’ losing effort.

When asked after the game if he’d ever spent time with his “secret” son before Friday, Peterson snapped “Can we focus on football? I’m not really trying to get into details on that.”

And in case the media still didn’t understand his mindset, Peterson added: “We just got blown out by [25] points. So let’s focus on football and what the Minnesota Vikings can do to get better.”

No one should be surprised at the callousness of a professional athlete who values the minutes he spends on a football field over the precious minutes he allowed to pass by before meeting his son.

For 3 months Peterson knew he had a “secret” son. Yet not once did he bother to visit the child until the boy was brain dead and on life support in a Sioux Falls, S.D. hospital.

Peterson learned he had a son when the boy’s mother, Ashley Doohen, flipped through her Rolodex to determine who the boy’s father could be, after her ex-boyfriend’s paternity test came back negative.

You created this monster by conditioning him to believe that his only value as a man is to churn out yardage and to put numbers on a scoreboard.

And now you make excuses for him, similar to the excuses you made for a certain R&B singer who urinated on a teenage girl before having sex with her.

Peterson and the Vikings weren’t the only Losers on Sunday.

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