Zhukova Dasha

Buro 24/7 website editor-in-chief Miroslava Duma sparked outrage by publishing an interview with Garage magazine editor-in-chief Zhukova Dasha. A photo accompanying the interview shows Zhokova posing on a ‘black woman chair’. Zuma, who posted the image on her Instagram and Facebook pages, defended the photo as a work of art. But some are calling it ‘racist art’.

Sensitive art critics bristled at the fact that Zuma posted the image during the celebration of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday.

Zhukova is seen posing on a black woman chair by ’60s pop artist Allen Jones. According to Styleite.com, “Jones’ forniphilic chairs were a source of controversy during the height of their popularity in the ’60s, though it’s Buro who have amped up the cringe factor by selecting one of the few pieces that uses a woman of color.”

Duma’s followers on Instagram blasted her for posting the image. She also caught flack on Twitter.com. The images were quickly removed.

Dasha is the model girlfriend of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. In April, she gave birth to the couple’s first daughter at New York Presbyterian hospital. For two months, the couple awaited the baby’s birth on board Abramovich’s $500 million, 533-foot yacht docked in the Hudson river. Forbes magazine dubbed the birth “the most expensive baby delivery ever.”

Thanks to loyal reader Ernest O. for the tip.