Basketball Wives LA

Last night’s episode of VH1’s Basketball Wives: LA was the standard fare of fake friends, fake lunch dates, and manufactured arguments. In addition to the familiar faces from the past 2 seasons, Jackie Christie, Draya Michele, and Malaysia Pargo, VH1 hired Brandi Maxiell, the wife of Jason Maxiell, Sundy Carter (Jackie’s “new” friend), and Brittish Williams (the fiancee of Lorenzo Gordon who plays overseas) to add some spice into the script.

Basketball Wives LA

Jackie enlists the cast members to help her raise funds in support of LGBT causes. Jackie’s entirely unconvincing endorsement of gay rights gave the show’s producers the opportunity to insert mindless banter about lesbianism and Draya’s bisexuality into the script.

There was some talk of this show being canceled during the off season. Maybe VH1 should revisit those talks.

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