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Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn, the Georgia man who shot and killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis after an argument over loud music in Jacksonville, was found guilty on 3 counts of 2nd-degree murder and 1 count of throwing a deadly missile.

But the Florida jury deadlocked on the 1st degree murder count - even after the judge ordered them to deliberate further. A mistrial was declared on the 1st degree murder count.

Dunn, 47, faces a minimum of 60 years on the three 2nd-degree attempted murder charges and 15 years on the throwing a deadly missile count. Each count of 2nd-degree attempted murder carries a maximum of 30 years (90 years).

Dunn was remanded back into the custody of the sheriff to be returned to prison to await a sentencing hearing.

Among the charges of which he has been found guilty are:

Three counts of attempted murder in the second degree (FL §782.051) for shooting at Kevin Thompson, Leland Brunson, and Tommy Storns, the three friends with Jordan Davis in Storns’ SUV

Throwing a missile into an occupied vehicle (FL §790.19) for firing into the SUV in which the boys were riding.

Finally, because these felonies were committed with the use of a firearm, Dunn is also subject to Florida’s “10-20-Life” mandatory minimum Source

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    • CaliYoruba

      I'm surprised but relieved

    • C. Maria

      I'm glad some of these charges stuck but this still doesn't ease the pain of Jordan's death. :no:

    • FuturedocDonte

      I am not satisfied :coffee:

      The precedent has been set. Kill them and say they threatened your life. But my problem is not just with Michael Dunn and what he did. The State of Florida got some incompetent axx prosecutors. Why charge him with first degree murder if you knew u couldnt PROVE premeditation :shrug:

    • rockstar

      I'm suprised they found him guilty of anything. The United States Court of law was not made with the black man, woman, and child in mind. I never expect justice from a system created for white people only. I hope they take his ass out in jail.

    • DoNotDeleteMe

      just think, if the other teenagers were not present, this monkey would have went home tonight!

    • Starr

      DoNotDeleteMe says:

      just think, if the other teenagers were not present, this monkey would have went home tonight

      Exactly. I'm highly pissed right now.

    • therapist1911

      Although I'm glad he is going to jail. They still send a message that a black boy/man life isn't valuable. He murdered that young man!!!

      Witnesses saw it
      He fled the scene and did not call cops
      Imagined a gun

      I'm still disappointed!! Dunn was the only thug present

    • why?

      Time to sit your boys down and quit beating around the bush.

      Hip hop belongs to white people now. They literally took that art form and made money off of the violence by encouraging young boys to behave like the fake artists they push. Now white kids in suburbs holla "my nagga" and buy albums by the boatload...they get away with the associated behavior and stop. We don't get away with it period and end up sagging in the pen trying to let our nuts hang.

      Wake up.

      The grimace, the hard stare and the intent to intimidate MUST stop now...I hate my generation for starting that mess. Yall know what I'm talking men trying to assert manhood and our "culture" is the only place we GET to flex our muscles. Stupid because the practice is tearing us apart and BUILDING stereotypes...Chiraq today and Compton yesterday.

      I'm 39 and go out of my way to not come off too strong. It never works out well...fawk an ego and any female that wants to see men act like that. We are trying to survive...we need to evolve and learn from LGBT hate crime legislation. To hell with marching and occupying...we need to lobby...our spending power is the leverage.

    • Sandra Rose

      FuturedocDonte says:

      Why charge him with first degree murder if you knew u couldnt PROVE premeditation

      Angela Corey did the same thing with the Zimmerman case.

    • Sandra Rose

      why? says:

      The grimace, the hard stare and the intent to intimidate MUST stop now…I hate my generation for starting that mess. Yall know what I’m talking about…us men trying to assert manhood and our “culture” is the only place we GET to flex our muscles. Stupid because the practice is tearing us apart and BUILDING stereotypes…Chiraq today and Compton yesterday.

      I agree with everything you said. I blame rappers who continue to promote the thug gangsta lifestyle in their music that is tearing our community apart.

    • Torae

      How many young black men are out here killing their own? Where's that OUTRAGE? Dont' expect any other race to value our own when we can't do the same. People should be out there protesting everyday for the thousands of young black lives lost from the hands of their own PEOPLE. We complain, but do NOTHING....again don't expect any other race to value us, when we don't value ourselves..REMEMBER WE ARE NIGGA'S AND BITCHES....and we treat each other accordingly....

    • KrayZKat

      @why? You can come off like the Pope, and still be targeted. They don't care about how you act. They see you as a Black man/woman/child. Period. We need to stop internalizing their racism and White supremacist attitudes and stop blaming ourselves because, a Black person can be as upright as Jesus, and get get targeted - not because of how you look or act, but because of the mindset of the ignorant who target you.

      Stereotyping has been going on way before rap/hip hop, so what was their excuse then?

    • GottaBigOne

      @Why? and Torae . . . I really APPLAUD both of the comments above - - Totally On Point!!!


    • KrayZKat

      Here we go with the, "Black on Black crime" stuff. Where's the outrage? There's a lot of outrage. Just because it's not shown on TV or one doesn't hear about it, doesn't mean that people at the grassroots level aren't trying to do anything about it.

      Crime tends to be intra-racial. The amount of crime in a city has to do with the demographics of that city. I live in the lily-White PNW, and trust must of the rampant crime is done by Whites. I don't hear them protesting either.

      This case isn't about "Black on Black crime." That's for another day. This is about a racist, arrogant, White man who felt disrespected by a Black teen and thought he had rights he wasn't entitled to.

      Don't expect other races to value us EVEN IF WE DID VALUE OUR OWN. I value my race - many do, but that hasn't stopped them for systematically trying to exterminate us. Why are many of US so quick to generalize? This is the mindset we need to focus on. We not only have to deal with outside hatred, but self-loathing within because we believe everything negative we've been told. Does anyone bother to research these claims or do we just listen and run with everything we hear negative about Blacks? Do we think that any other race is going to hail us as "equals" when they clearly, for decades, haven't. This has been going on long before hip hop, so what is the solution?

    • KrayZKat

      It's so clear we have to work on our distorted mindset. Until we do that and b.s. is "cosign," then we'll be sitting here singing the same old song.

      Peace out.

    • felinelurker


    • OutsidetheBox

      :yes: Krayzkat. Well said.

      I think this is closure the Martins were not afforded. God bless them.

      This is "good" for this area imo. We have to teach our kids better awareness and how to diffuse. And these white people need to check their privilege at the door. If this crakka ass crakka had called his cousins (the cops) he would be home with his beat face ass fiancee instead of headed to prison with the thugs he wrote nasty letters about. :yes: Trouble don't last always. :nun:

    • OutsidetheBox

      You are right, Therapist. They are attempting to send that msg. This state prosecutor may be public enemy number one.

    • OutsidetheBox

      The overcharging seems intentional..

    • Torae

      White folks WILL ALWAYS HATE US! that is no surprise and no one is putting their actions on the back burners, but when I have to bury 3 RELATIVES killed under the age of 25 within 3 years of each other is when I'm tired of the BULLSH#T. We get so upset when these men kill our men but what are any of us doing in OUR OWN COMMUNITY? IT STARTS AT HOME. Yes, it sickens me but it sickens me more when I hear about one of my friends, cousins, or acquaintance getting killed by their own. A distorted mindset to me is to think WHITE PEOPLE give an eff they never have and never will(LAWS WERE NOT MADE FOR US TO WIN)...A DISTORTED MINDSET IS when people think IT DOESN'T START AT HOME! At least UNITE! DO SOMETHING...nah it's RIP AND KEEP IT MOVING.

    • 69

      :goodpost: to every comment above. I knew he wasn't about go get off in the 904 tho. That's why I didn't waste my time investing in the hypothetical endings. :coffee:

      Black America ain't gone never be right tho when our priorities at home are not in order. I've honestly gotten to the point that I don't even want to talk about it anymore. With the very, very, few exceptions, our youth grow up to be a product of their environment. But we don't want to hear that, so... :shrug:

    • VDot

      I just had to log in real quick to do a slow clap for KrazyKat :applause: to your entire comment.

      Fukk Michael Dunn, I hope he rots in jail :yes:

    • 69

      Torae says:

      White folks WILL ALWAYS HATE US!
      See, I think this is another view that has been passed down from generation to generation. Do I think that there are whites that despise blacks? Absolutely. However, the actual number of those that cannot stand us in general are not as big as we have been lead to believe.

      But since we on the subject, how many Blacks do you think hate Whites? Or, more specifically, how many Blacks do you think hate Whites because they think the Whites hate them? This mess has got to stop. :no:

    • 69

      VDot says:

      Fukk Michael Dunn, I hope he rots in jail :yes:
      I hate it for him. He's a racist, who despises Blacks... yet he's about to head to a place that's full of niggas and he gone be looking real crazy when he gets there. They gone eat him alive. :yes:

    • GottaBigOne

      People that I know or know of have been Killed by Other Black People.
      NO! There is NO Outrage in the Community!
      My nephew was assassinated in a small town in Pennsylvania (Wilkes-Barre) . . . as he waned to get away from CITY Life!
      Who Knew that Crips & Bloods have infiltrated this town - - DAMN!
      (My dear sister GRIEVES to this day!)

    • Unshakable


      I cosign what you said. I tell my family that 50 years to the year Dr. King gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech, and ain't nothing changed. At the end of the day, the lives of colored folk still don't mean diddly squat in this nation. More oft than not, we are reminded of the repercussions associated with being "those people." I am waiting to see how many years he will actually serve. :think:


      I also agree with you that the hatred amongst races has got to stop. However, the issue is that we are not on a level playing field. Even if Blacks do start repairing the bridge that connects them to their White counterparts, they still have the upper hand and many of the ones that are in power are not interested in mending fences with Blacks, so the cycle continues. You know White don't eat White. However, in theory and reality, your sentiment is much needed. :hug:

      Most importantly, I pray for the families affected by this tragedy. There are no winners in this situation. Praying for a better day for our youth and future generations. :pray:

    • SunnyPA

      Michael Dunn was found guilty of not killing all the boys. Had he killed them all, he would be a free man.

      Unlike the Trayvon Martin, this jury was allowed to consider a lesser charge like manslaughter. And, they were still deadlocked. That means there were jurors who wanted to acquit him.

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      69 says:

      :goodpost: to every comment above. I knew he wasn’t about go get off in the 904 tho. That’s why I didn’t waste my time investing in the hypothetical endings. :coffee:
      Black America ain’t gone never be right tho when our priorities at home are not in order. I’ve honestly gotten to the point that I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. With the very, very, few exceptions, our youth grow up to be a product of their environment. But we don’t want to hear that, so…
      Black people period, have always been divided :tea: take it all the way back to biblical days.... :no: That's just how it is unfortunately :shrugs: Folks just need to do the right thing.... set good examples at home..... we have way to many trying to keep up with the Jone's etc.... chasing empty dreams :tea:

    • spiceykay

      I would like to clarify something for the people that don't understand the verdict and like I said before mistrial is better than acquitted.

      The reason he was guilty of attempted murder is very cut and dry to me and based on what was said at the trial if any of the other boys got killed he would have easily been found guilty of those charges too and not been able to kill all of them and walk free as people have suggested. For illustration purposes I will use some of the roses name. Say that Man, Jenie, Otb and GBO were all at a table. Man was perceived to have made threatening comments and appeared to have a weapon like he would use it, if that person pulled out a gun and shot and kill man due to feeling like he was a threat, that person doesn't have a right at all to harm Jenie, OTB and GBO. That is why he was guilty of the other charges.
      What I don't get is that since he was guilty of attempted 2nd degree murder it would have made sense to charge him of the same with Jordon. I'm not sure what was the vote thing of the charge for Jordon's murder but atleast it appears that at least one wasn't going to let him become not guilty which is already better than Zim trial. While it may not be a win to some it wasn't a lose either for the people.
      While black on black crime is horrible because more black lives are destroyed that way you have to realize those types of crime is from people knowing the other which is a very different crime from the Dunn case. Not too mention the hood has a no snitching rule so no one sees anything due to fear, reputation and retaliation(sp) so they plays a major part in the war of black on black. In the Dunn case you don't know a person and based off of color and your perceived notion of someone speech, appearance, and demeanor you automatically assume you are a threat and want to harm you that is a bigger problem because it stops becoming who you know is mad at me to kill me to who I don't know perceives me as a threat. I personally would prefer to know my enemies instead of being attacked God forbid because I'm black and people thought negative things about me and wanted to kill me because of their perception.

    • BigCityGirl

      I'm relieved that he was found guilty on 4 charges and WILL go to jail....However this STAND YOUR GROUND law needs to be defined better...its beginning to appear as if it was put in place to encourage violence....smh

      May Jordan Davis RIP and his family find peace.....

    • The Pearl!

      Good morning. I woke up and heard "guilty" (on ANY count) and my heart just said, "YES!" I could hardly believe my ears, so searched another news channel for confirmation. I'm so glad this ugly racist won't walk free. That gives me SOME peace of mind -- if only for today.

      Great debate above, by the way. The reason I came to the rose garden is because I love the intelligent, thoughtful, impassioned remarks. At least we're involved in a healthy debate and I love ya'll for that.

    • Yardgirl

      :goodpost: to all up above!!

      I am very happy with the verdict and glad that I can come to this place to see some intelligent debate!! :applause:

      HAPPY SUNDAY!!! :woohoo:

    • boonella

      I look at this as a positive...he faces a minimum of 60 years with the three attempted murder convictions. Unlike Zimmerman he does not get to go home...and a mistrial was declared on the murder charge so maybe the State of Florida will try him again.....

    • Silly Syl

      This really scares me, I have a son who is 7. He's very aware of what's going, he's been asking me is segregation coming back! When we go specific places he asks is it ok if we can go in there because we are Africans. This is a damn shame! I can only pray that eventually the black life taken away from another race with start to see punishment! Why in the world did it take so long? If it was a black guy, that murdered a white teen it would've lasted a day, and he would've been under the jail. This is modern day lynching with bullets. Just being black you're a walking target.

    • Who Dat

      Cosign everyone's comments in this post! Every single one. Nothing to add you have said it all!

    • Who Dat

      Garner NC and John Wall stand up! :yahoo: He did THAT on slam dunk contest last night. :nun:

    • Kweenie

      I totally understand the verdict now. Thanks Spiceykay. And glory be to God for making sure Jordan Davis parents see some justice for their lost child.

    • Afiya

      :yahoo: Glad he won't be going home to brag to his friends lik Zimmerbitch, I'mma need for that fukker to take a fast walk to hell too :mad:

    • why?

      KrayZKat says:

      @why? You can come off like the Pope, and still be targeted...We need to stop internalizing their racism and White supremacist attitudes...Stereotyping has been going on way before rap/hip hop, so what was their excuse then?

      The ignorant attitudes exist around the world...this is so much bigger than white folks. Think world economy. All some folks in the world have to go on as far as who a black person is revolves around what they read on the internet and watch on TV. Black folks don't live everywhere...stereotypes represent us sometimes. I see 99 naggas and 1 black person. Best believe I'm expecting the next black person I see to be somewhat of a nagga. Human nature...


      while it stings that he wasn't found guilty on the actual murder of Jordan, i am exceedingly glad that this racist fck will most likely die in jail. bc i read the letter he wrote to a friend while he was locked up & his "5 year plan" that included him getting acquitted & suing the state of FL, then proceeding to use said money go build his dream home & start a business made my blood boil OMG!!! at least there is some semblance of justice in this case, which was denied Trayvon & his parents. it was good to see Trayvon's mom Sabrina come to support Jordan's mom. quite touching. if anyone on this earth can understand her pain exactly, it's her :yes:

      been having chest pains all day, it's been a rough one. yall take care :peace:

    • ReadingIsFundamental

      2014 - Nothing has changed and everything is changing at the same time.

      RIP Jordan

    • Atypical

      Well at least he didn't get off scott free like gz. . Im no legal eagle but I thought first degree murder means you planned to murder someone. This Michael Dunn dude is an azzhole but it's going to be hard to prove he planned to kill Jordan that night. They should go for second degree imo. At any rate I'm glad they at least got their conviction. R.I.P JD

    • MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba

      I was watching Don Lemon and CNN like this :eek: waiting on that verdict. And if no one else did (I am sure they did) kudos to Don :claps: for saying what WE wanted to say and what needed to be said. I know he couldn’t go ALL IN because he needs to be on the air for future situations where a voice is needed, but I felt his despair and outrage.

    • MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba

      Dang everybody either must be at work like this :typing: or at home like this :zzz: unable to CAN. Cause I just knew there would be a million comments. I woke up like this :woohoo: ready to get to work. Now come Wednesday I know this will all fade but hey

    • A.J.

      Good Morning Sandra!! Is all well with MB in Buckhead? :waiting:

      Taken my love :hug:

    • MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba

      A.J. Another sane person here in the building :yahoo: I can say that cause it’s just you and me :lol:

    • Milky

      good morning all! :wave:

    • MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba

      :whistle: Just give me the greeeennnn liiiggghhhht
      -R. Kelly :tea: He be killing ‘em. Tuh. Play wit it

    • A.J.

      A.J. Another sane person here in the building :yahoo: I can say that cause it’s just you and me :lol:
      :dead: :lol:

    • A.J.

      Milky :hug: good morning!!

    • Nakeya_J or Keke thanks to Unshake

      Hey y'all! Guess what!? I've got news!!!!

    • MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba

      Keya am I gonna be a BRIDEMAID?????? :bite:

    • Razz n Tazz n Such :kiss:


      Good morning loves!

    • Jessie

      This man will spend the rest of his life in prison. For the District Attorney to re-try him on murder charges is a waste of taxpayer funds. She's just trying to save her own ass now!

    • mrsloveleigh

      this situation is sad all around. I'll never be able to understand how a person feels that they should be the judge of what's acceptable or not and they alone get to punish the wrong do'er. SMH