Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn, the Georgia man who shot and killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis after an argument over loud music in Jacksonville, was found guilty on 3 counts of 2nd-degree murder and 1 count of throwing a deadly missile.

But the Florida jury deadlocked on the 1st degree murder count – even after the judge ordered them to deliberate further. A mistrial was declared on the 1st degree murder count.

Dunn, 47, faces a minimum of 60 years on the three 2nd-degree attempted murder charges and 15 years on the throwing a deadly missile count. Each count of 2nd-degree attempted murder carries a maximum of 30 years (90 years).

Dunn was remanded back into the custody of the sheriff to be returned to prison to await a sentencing hearing.

Among the charges of which he has been found guilty are:

Three counts of attempted murder in the second degree (FL §782.051) for shooting at Kevin Thompson, Leland Brunson, and Tommy Storns, the three friends with Jordan Davis in Storns’ SUV

Throwing a missile into an occupied vehicle (FL §790.19) for firing into the SUV in which the boys were riding.

Finally, because these felonies were committed with the use of a firearm, Dunn is also subject to Florida’s “10-20-Life” mandatory minimum Source

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