Justin Combs and Misa Hylton-Brim

Music mogul Sean Combs is not to blame for ex-girlfriend Misa Hylton-Brim’s home going into foreclosure.

According to gossip website TMZ.com, legal documents show Combs and Brim, the mother of Combs’ eldest son Justin (pictured above with Misa), took out a $712,000 mortgage on a home in Winchester, NY in 2003 for her and her son to live in while her son attended a posh private school for boys.

But according to the bank, the mortgage payments stopped in 2010, leaving Hylton-Brim and Combs on the hook for $622,518 in defaulted loan payments.

The bank foreclosed on the 3 bedroom, 3,215 sq. ft. house and Hylton-Brim looked to Combs to save her house. But Combs refused. In fact, he threatened to sue Hylton-Brim if he was forced to pay the mortgage off.

Combs is well within his rights to refuse to pay off a house that Hylton-Brim was living in with her able bodied husband. Doesn’t her husband work for a living? Or is Hylton-Brim like so many desperate women who financially support their shiftless lazy men?

On the surface it sounds like big, bad Diddy turned his back on Misa, but we’ve obtained a legal doc that discloses there was a side agreement in which Misa clearly says SHE’s responsible for paying the mortgage. Diddy’s only involvement was putting his ass on the line so she could get the loan.

According to the agreement, Diddy claims if he had to pay to keep up the mortgage payments, she’d be responsible for paying him back. And he says he paid more than $28K to cover her, and he’s actually sued her to get the money back. Source

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