Video: Hitman Executes Cashier in Crowded Supermarket

A Mexican hitman executed a female cashier in front of dozens of witnesses shopping for groceries at a crowded supermarket.

According to a police report obtained by, a lone gunman strolled into the supermarket at 10:50 p.m., shoved a bag boy aside and shot the 29-year old cashier in the face at point blank range. As the mortally wounded cashier lay dying on the floor the assassin pumped two more bullets into her body before casually walking away.

The murder occurred in the crowded Superama store on Manuel Ávila Camacho Avenue in Puebla, Mexico. The victim, identified as Rebecca “N”, was the wife of Carlos “N”, “The Cacas” who was killed earlier this year in the town of Jiutepec.

CAUTION: the video below contains scenes of graphic violence. View at your own discretion.