Michael Munson mugshot

Seminole County police say a man walked into a luxury auto dealership there and tried to purchase a $263,000 Bentley using a fake check.

Michael Munson, 32, was arrested and charged with using a fake cashier’s check to buy the expensive car at Fields Motorcars in Longwood, the AJC.com reports.

Police say the dealership noticed a few red flags almost immediately.

According to the police report, Munson wanted to purchase a 2014 Bentley GT convertible that costs $263,000.
“He called us up probably three days before he came in and said he had his money together and he wanted to come in and pick up the car,” said Joseph Romano, general sales manager at Fields Motorcars.

Munson brought the money to the dealership in the form of a cashier’s check, but Romano felt something wasn’t right and got on the phone with the bank.

“The guy was local and the check was issued out of a branch in Ohio, which didn’t seem right,” Romano said.
Romano said he was unable to verify the check’s validity so they called Longwood police.

Investigators said Munson was questioned at the dealership and he eventually admitted the check was fake.

Munson was charged with larceny grand theft, fraud uttering of a false instrument, and possession of a forged bank instrument.