Malia Obama Will Be Driving This Summer

First Daughter Malia Obama turns 16 on July 4, and her mom, Michelle Obama, says one of Malia’s plans will be to apply for her learner’s permit. “Look out, everyone!” Mrs. Obama told Access Hollywood in an interview. Malia is taking driving lessons in preparation to hit the streets in 2 months.

From Yahoo News:

The last presidential offspring to learn to drive while in the White House was Chelsea Clinton, who was apparently taught by her father, though he hadn’t had to drive a car himself in the last 12 years, a situation Hillary Clinton described as “scary.” Neither of Malia’s parents will be teaching her to drive, however. As Michelle said last month: “I think our [Secret Service] agents don’t want us driving with teenagers … Especially the president’s detail. I don’t think they want him in the state when she’s learning how to drive. We will fortunately be able to hand that responsibility over to someone else.”

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