Ciara and baby Future

Rapper Future silenced the rumors that he is a deadbeat dad who impregnates groupies and leaves them to raise his seeds alone. The virile rap artist posted this image of singer Ciara and his son, Future Zahur Wilburn, on Instagram yesterday.

“My babies..can’t no pic in the world prove my love but what u looking at rite now is my life & these two mean the world to me..#honest big baby & baby future,” he wrote in the photo caption.

The photo’s caption gives the impression baby Future is his only child.

30-year-old Future, whose real name is Nayvadius Cash, sired 3 other children before meeting the “Goodies” singer. He caught flack for performing in concert on the opposite coast while Ciara was in labor delivering his 3rd son in California last month.

Future’s absence in the delivery room fueled rumors that the couple had split up.

Thanks to loyal reader VDot for the tip.

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