Jeremy Meeks mugshot hottie

Ladies all over the Internet swooned over the spellbinding mugshot of Internet hottie Jeremy Meeks. One reader emailed me requesting that I please “look into this story. It gets crazier and crazier.”

30-year-old Meeks is being held on $900,000 bond in a Stockton, CA. jail where he awaits a hearing on weapons charges. Meeks and less mesmerizing gang members were busted in a gun sting.

Jeremy Meeks mugshot hottie

Meeks was charged with illegal possess of a firearm by a felon, carrying a loaded firearm in public and criminal street gang activity.

Stockton police posted Meeks’ mugshot, highlighting his piercing baby blue eyes, on the department’s Facebook page on June 18, and the photo quickly went viral.

Jeremy Meeks and his mom reports that Meeks is married and has a son. Meeks’ mother posted photos of her son on a page that she set up to raise funds for his bail. $748 has been raised so far. The figure would probably be significantly higher if Meeks didn’t have a wife and child at home.

Jeremy Meeks and wife

Numerous Facebook pages have popped up in the hours after Meek’s mugshot went viral. One Facebook page dedicated to Meeks’ mugshot collected 42,000 ‘likes’. In the comments section Facebook users who are unimpressed with Meeks or his mugshot criticized Meeks’ female fans for swooning over a convicted felon.

“Hes a looser and ya Females cant see past ya Vaginas,” wrote FB user Andre Oi-Aussie.

FB user Kelly Brooks responded: “Maybe he is or was a criminal but what has that got to do with how hotttt he is.”

Meeks is overwhelmed by all the media attention he’s received over the last 24 hours. In a television interview, Meeks promised to get his life back on track when he is released.

Jeremy Meeks mugshot hottie

Meeks’ loyal fan base remain undeterred by his past criminal history. Amorous Facebook users couldn’t resist cleaning up Meek’s thuggish image for mock-ups of Calvin Klein ads.

But other Facebook users weren’t as kind.

Jeremy Meeks mugshot hottie