Lavar Walker Mike Epps

A local comedian was reportedly beaten by comedian Mike Epps‘ security staff, according to the AJC’s Rodney Ho. The assault took place at Uptown Comedy Corner Saturday night.

Comedian Lavar Walker had recently taped a 15-second spoof of Epps’ recent Twitter beef with comic actor Kevin Hart. WAtch the video after the break.

From Rodney Ho:

Epps, in town shooting a movie, saw the parody, heard Walker was at the club and came over, a good source of mine told me Sunday night. Epps and his entourage went back stage where Walker was hanging out and asked him to go behind the club. There, Walker said Epps verbally threatened him.

Then one of Epps’ guys sucker punched him, my source said. Walker fell to the ground and was kicked and punched some more, he said.

Epps “struck me and two other guys struck me,” Walker told 11 Alive. “All over a joke.” (I texted Walker but have not heard back.)

Walker was treated at Grady Hospital for a contusion on the head and other facial and body bruises. He was released at 6 a.m. Sunday morning.

Craig Wilson, an owner at the club, said he was in the ticket booth when the altercation happened and has no first-hand knowledge of what occurred.