Michael Sam and Tony Dungy

Former NFL coach-turned-NFL announcer Tony Dungy outraged gay groups by expressing his opinion on drafting gay NFL player Michael Sam.

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts coach told the Tampa Bay Tribune he would not have drafted Sam because he believed Sam would be a distraction to his teams.

A gay Yahoo News writer who disagreed with Tony Dungy’s opinion ignorantly compared homosexuality — a sexual act — with the struggles of the black race for equality.

From Yahoo Sports:

Speaking of backlash, Dungy will receive some — and he should. This will not make for a popular stance among the media, who typically look to Dungy with respect on his opinions, and it appears to fly slightly in the face of what he has said on the topic previously.

No one can appreciate a meritorious approach to building an NFL roster than Dungy, who played in the NFL as a minority in the 1970s, when racism likely was stronger and more prevalent in the league than it is it today. Had NFL teams held a similar stance about keeping African-Americans out of the NFL then as Dungy seems to be taking on the Sam issue now, then we’d be looking at a league that would have handicapped some of its best players.

The journalist ended his diatribe by asserting that Dungy’s opinion about Sam was “in the minority.” He obviously doesn’t read his own comments section where most of his readers share Dungy’s stance on the subject.

A Yahoo reader with the username “U Can’T Be Serious!” wrote:

@The writer..Once again, you and your colleagues missed the point. Why should Dungy be criticized? He said nothing bad about Sam as a person. You speak of Vick—Only you media clowns would be tripping off of him, not his teammates. And this is the point he was making. He was talking from a players perspective; that camaraderie could be fractured. If you guys would stop trying to [throw] homosexuality down sports organizations throats, you might not get this type of response.

And user “Oohay” wrote:

Agree with Coach, its the same reason that many teams didn’t want the distraction of Tebow. Sam has got tons of media exposure, accolades from even the white house. Not for anything he’s accomplished but rather his sexual preference.

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