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Ne-Yo and Crystal Renay

Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo has rebounded nicely with a mixed, LSLH video model, Crystal Renay, whose stock has been slowly rising on social media. Ne-Yo, 31, and Crystal met on a music video shoot. The R&B crooner crushed all rumors that he was gay by siring 2 children with Atlanta socialite Monyetta Shaw. The couple went their separate ways last year without much fanfare.

Ne-Yo and Crystal Renay

Apparently the blogs weren't catching on fast enough that Ne-Yo found a new concubine. Ne-Yo is one of those dudes who wants brothas to know he can pull a bad bish. So when a stalker hacked Crystal's Instagram page recently, Ne-Yo happily rushed to her rescue.

Crystal Renay

"The lovely @mscrystalrenay

Keep ya head up mama. That crazy dude will eventually find something else to obsess over.
In the meantime all fans of Crystal Renay go to @mscrystalrenay it's the real page. You'll know cause the pics will be new, as opposed to the hacked and now almost empty page @crystalrenay
I swear some dudes are just born with the pathetic gene. #GetOverItBruh"

Crystal Renay

As you can see from her social media photos, she is benefiting from her newfound relationship with a R&B ATM machine.

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    • Afiya

      I :heart: Ne CONGRATS, if you happy son, I'm happy for ya! :hug:

      Don't let MAN steal your woman, this his type :yes:

    • pointhimout

      Other than Eudoxie, anybody else have a profession or working towards one? I'm not knocking you, but it's like every female's a model. I saw the clip of that Exes show and Monyetta apparently had herself fixed, so she can't have anymore kids??? The things you ladies allow men to convince you to do with your bodies.

      Funny thing is though, I never thought Ne-yo was gay. Can we even call it dating or relationships anymore? It's like flavor of the month since all the social network sites double as dating first, networking secondly IMO.

    • Bird

      She's cute without all the extra crap she be doing. Hopefully Ne-yo can domesticate her.

    • sassyshe

      Neyo has always been an attention whore, remember when he started with monyetta he only wanted to show her arse in pics and later on he only wanted photo-ops with them in the strip club.

    • sassyshe

      ... :waiting: anywho I logged off early to handle business yesterday and the troublemakers caused sandra to take down posts, I bet @man was the leader

    • Thando

      Meh....I'm not crying into my bowl of cornflakes over Ne-yo. I do not like men with a question mark hanging over their heads. It dampens,depletes, diminishes and kills my libido... nah. no tears.....

    • Crickett

      We will have to wait for what Monyetta has to say, she is on the new reality show Atlanta Ex's premiering in August.

    • GWU

      How do these models (that I've never heard of and I read just about every fashion magazine) pay for all that Louis Vuitton and plastic surgery. Last time I checked, models and escorts were two totally different professions.

      I do wonder why these fools keep dating the same type of woman and keep expecting different results.

    • hell_on_heels

      Neyo still plays for the other team. Furthermore, no one has checked for Neyo...we now have Miguel.

    • http://n/a n1kk1a

      Yeah, ok. That niqqa :gay:

    • MisUnderstood

      Like I was in line waiting for Ne-Yo to pick me to be his latest beard.

    • Ni ni

      Sorry ladies, Ne-Yo is Off the Market :shrugs:

    • Ni ni

      I do wonder why these fools keep dating the same type of woman and keep expecting different results.
      by GWU
      I don't think they expect anything different than what it is. They all want a bad btch, they use her up and trade her in for a new one. They're not looking for love.

    • Demboys

      His lips prettier than hers.

    • Demboys

      Newbie. Please be kind.

    • GottaBigOne

      She Got a Purdy Name!

      Ne-Yo got a big Forehead (and that's the reason for dem hats and stuff)!

      In a past Interview he said that the World-Famous Bajan beauty had a big one 2 - - I call that Nerve!!!