Mariah and Nick Cannon split

Multimedia mogul Nick Cannon confirmed rumors that he and wife Mariah Carey, 44, are living separately.

“There is trouble in paradise,” the father-of-twins told Yahoo Insider. “We have been living in separate houses for a few months.”

Nick and Mariah famously tied the knot in 2008 after only six weeks of dating.

Mariah and Nick Cannon split

Rumors swirled last year that the couple were heading for a divorce, but Nick denied the gossip in an interview with Parade magazine.

“You kind of have to ignore it because every week it’s something different, and if you paid attention to it, it actually probably would start really affecting you,” he said. “There’s no merit or truth to it. It’s kind of humorous, really. It couldn’t be further off from the truth, and it really affects the credibility of the so-called newspapers.”

Amid multiple reports that divorce is imminent for the couple who has been married for six years, Cannon, 33, has confirmed that he and Carey, 44, are living apart.

“There is trouble in paradise,” the America’s Got Talent host exclusively revealed to The Insider With Yahoo on Thursday. “We have been living in separate houses for a few months.”

Cannon also dispelled rumors that the problems in his relationship are due to infidelity.

“My main focus is my kids,” he said of their 3-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, aka “Dem Babies.”

A publicist for Carey said, “I am not commenting on Mariah’s personal life, but Mariah is focusing on her children and her upcoming tour.”

If only Nick and Mariah read my blog, they would have known that the intense passion and lust they felt was caused by Dopamine — not Love — which is your reward for the hard work you put into a relationship.

Love takes time and hard work. It doesn’t happen overnight.

The key is to wait until the Dopamine phase ends (from 2 weeks to 2 years) before making life altering decisions based on feelings.

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