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Tami covers Kontrol

Kontrol magazine's digital issue features lifestyle blogger Tami of

From Kontrol mag:

Celebrity Blogger Talking with Tami recently did a cover shoot for digital cover “For The Love Of Summer” with Kontrol’s publisher Julian Lark’s cosmetic line Revel By Julian Lark. For the shoot Tami rocked her signature retro bathing suites and 3 fabulous shades of Revel.

Why Tami for the cover? Well according to publisher Julian Lark “It was time to show a full figured real woman on the cover” “Tami is fun, flirty, and exudes fashion, its her time to shine”

On the cover Tami rocks “Quickie” Lipstick. She said its ”Seductive and steamy nights with my beau, yes I have to glide on my Quickie lipstick to rev up those engines! Smooches!”

She added: “When I’m in a retro-mood, I grab for my Spend The Night Lipstick! It definitely reminds me of the 60?s with it’s matte finish and look”.

Tami covers Kontrol

Tami covers Kontrol


Hair: Touched By Tyra @pinkchainzz
Makeup: Shantell Simms @ishockartistry
Swimwear: Curvy Kate, Spanx
Stylist: Julian Lark @julianlark @kontrol

  • sassyshe

    Tami has a nice bod

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    Go Tammi :cheer: You Go Girl :nun:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    I see ya keeping it Classy :winky: unlike some :rolleyes:

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    She's sexy!!

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    Tami a foxy sumn sumn!

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    Go head on tammy! :nun:

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    un uh! I feel jipped! she been working with all that all this time and giving us that teensy weensy gravi pic :cuss:

    I demand restitution! :rules:

    looking good, Ms. Tami. :thumbsup: I like that last look a lot :eek: a whole lot!

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    Nice photos. Congrats, Tami!!

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  • #TEAMTHIS Smack that bootay :shakebutt: puppylove

    :yahoo: Tami. What lippie is that in the ladt pic.

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    Congrats Tami

    Last pic should have made the cover. :cheer:

  • CocoKhaleesi

    Bathing suits are banging! She looks good but I do not like that punk lipstick... Maybe a tad too Matte for me but again she looks great

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  • Unshakable


    You look absolutely STUNNING!! Love the pics! Keep up the great work mama! Continue to represent for women and embracing your beautiful curves! :thumbsup:

  • Nakeya_J or Keke thanks to Unshake

    Tami looks great!!! I love love love the pink one!!!! Great job Tami!!!

    From one flight down: Kim tries to hard and kan ye swears he is a fashion icon Soooo I guess she gonna keep letting him dress her like a fool. I swear I don't care for them.

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Alboy :lick:

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    Nice pics. That magenta bathing suit is cute!

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    Cute pics!!! Congrats Tami!

  • talkingwithtami

    Thanks everyone! Also, thanks Sandra for posting my cover, it was a fun shoot! #TEAMTHIS Smack that bootay :shakebutt: puppy love I'm wearing Devotion a nude color in the last pic thanks so much everyone for your kind words too, I appreciate all of you! :yahoo:

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    Gorgeous pictures Tami! Congrats on the cover!!!!

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    CocoKhaleesi says:

    Bathing suits are banging!

    :cosign: :thumbsup:

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    These are some great figure flattering swimsuits. Very nice :champ:

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    Great Job Tami! That last look is everything!

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    :love: that last bathing suit. And those :boobs: :tea:

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    VDot must be drinking viagra tea again. :lol:


    :blink: They have that forreal? Inquiring minds wanna know where it can be purchased :yes:

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    They have that forreal? Inquiring minds wanna know where it can be purchased

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    Nice pics, congrats Tami. My fav is also the last pic.

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    These pics are absolutely beautiful. nothing like a confident woman with some curves. You killed it Ms. Tami :applause:

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