Jonathan Dwyer

Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer is the latest violent NFL player to be arrested for domestic abuse. The 25-year-old Marietta, Georgia native allegedly head-butted his wife and broke her nose after she refused his sexual advances, NBC New York reports.

Jonathan Dwyer

Kayla Tobin Dwyer was so afraid of her husband that she fled the state and moved to Florida, leaving their 18-month-old biracial son in his care.

The incidents occurred at Dwyer’s home in July. After Tobin Dwyer left the state, Dwyer sent her suicidal text messages along with a picture of a knife. She reported the texts to police.

Dwyer was pulled out of a team meeting and arrested on Wednesday at the Cardinals’ practice facility in Tempe. He was released on bail early Thursday after spending the night in jail.

Dwyer was deactivated indefinitely by the Cardinals.

From NBC New York:

In the first encounter, police say Dwyer attempted to kiss and undress his wife, but she refused. Someone who heard the argument reported the assault to police, who showed up at the apartment but did not make an arrest. Dwyer hid in a bathroom and the wife said she hadn’t been assaulted and denied he was in the home because the running back threatened to kill himself in front of her and their child if she told police about the assault, police said.

The next day, Dwyer punched his wife with a closed fist on the left side of her face, according to police. He also punched walls and threw a shoe at his 17-month-old son, who was not injured, police said.
As his wife tried to call police, Dwyer grabbed her cellphone and threw it down from the home’s second story. Witnesses told police that Dwyer’s wife said, “I’m calling the police” as she held her swollen face and clutched her son.
During his police interview on Wednesday, Dwyer acknowledged hiding in the bathroom when police responded to the first argument and sending a photo of a knife with suicidal threats.

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