Lamar Sally Sherri Shepherd

Single dad Lamar Sally is speaking out (again) about estranged wife Sherri Shepherd. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Sally called himself a “good husband” who only wants to do right by the baby boy Shepherd commissioned a surrogate to carry for them.

Sally disputed claims that he cheated on Shepherd or stole money from her.

“I was not a deadbeat, I worked with her.. for her, I was a good parent to her son, Jeffrey, and I did not steal any money from her,” Sally said adamantly. “And I never once cheated on Sherri, these are all lies and she should stop trying to ruin my reputation.

“Sherri needs to think about what she is doing because one day she is going to wake up and regret all of this.”

Sally said it was Shepherd’s decision to hire a surrogate after doctors told the 47-year-old television personality that “none of her eggs were viable.”

Sally said Shepherd confided in him that she didn’t want to be “an old mother,” and she wanted to begin the process sooner than later.

“I talked to her about it many times because I really wanted to make sure this is something she wanted to do, and she said ‘Yes,’ that she was determined to have a child with me, so I finally agreed,” said Sally, who is L.J.’s biological father.

“I gave in because I loved her and wanted to make her happy.”

But Shepherd, who has a son from a previous relationship, abandoned Sally and their pregnant surrogate when Sally filed for divorce on May 2nd after 3 years of marriage.

Sally said he was “floored” when Shepherd told him she didn’t want the baby.

Sherri told me, ‘It’s your sperm, not my egg, so it’s your baby.’”

Sally is filing for financial support from Shepherd. But he said Shepherd “tried to buy me off” by offering him $150,000 to go away quietly and take baby L.J. with him.

“It was unacceptable,” said Sally. “Sherri made $3 million last year and offers $150,000 for a lifetime of care for a child? No way, we’re going to court.”

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