Viola Davis

Screenwriter and producer Shonda Rhimes may have another hit on her hands with ABC’s new legal drama How To get Away With Murder, which premiered last night.

How To Get Away With Murder stars Oscar nominee Viola Davis, 49, as a pop psychology law professor who compensates for her repressed sexual tension by intimidating her best law students.

Thursday was also the season 4 premiere of 44-year-old Rhimes’s hit TV series Scandal, starring Kerry Washington. Two back-to-back TV shows starring strong, independent black women was apparently too much for a bigoted People magazine staffer to stand.

The staffer tweeted the following jab at Davis — and, by extension, Rhimes — on People’s Twitter account during the premiere. The tweet was quickly deleted according to my loyal reader @ShirlzRene.

It seems the NY Times isn’t the only media outlet taking pot shots at Rhimes’ spectacular success.

People mag tweet

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