NY Mayor Bill de Blasio top advisor

A top advisor to NY Mayor Bill de Blasio is making headlines for her relationship to a convicted killer, former cocaine trafficker and cop-basher.

According to The NY Post, Rachel Noerdlinger, who is chief of staff to first lady Chirlane McCray, has been dating live-in boyfriend Hassaun McFarlan for the past 6 years.

McFarlan’s extensive rap sheet includes murder, conspiring to run a cocaine distribution operation, and nearly running a NJ cop off the road last year. Thanks to his political connections, McFarlan was able to plead that last charge down to disorderly conduct.

McCray is catching heat for her continued employment of Noerdlinger. But the mayor’s office is standing by her.

From The NY Post:

“Rachel’s not going anywhere,” de Blasio spokeswoman Rebecca Katz told the Post when asked if Noerdlinger would be asked to step down.

Last year, then-candidate de Blasio canned Lis Smith as his spokeswoman after The Post revealed she was dating the still-married ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

“No one at City Hall condones criminal behavior or disparagement of the NYPD, including Rachel,” Katz said in an emailed statement.

“Rachel is her own person. She is a strong, independent woman who possesses a core set of values and beliefs that align with this administration.”

Even as he’s dated Noerdlinger, McFarlan made clear his disrespect for the law.

“I cant come outside without the pigs f—— with me in the hood,” McFarlan wrote on Facebook, according to DNA. Noerdlinger worked as top aide to the Rev. Al Sharpton at the time her boyfriend posted the anti-cop comment.

“The system sucks this pig should be charged with a civil rights violation always givin the pigs a pass,” he posted in January 2012, in response to a story about a Staten Island officer’s guilty plea in a false arrest.