M and D tWins 2 Yung Kings

The mother of the fashionable “M” and “D” toddlers responded to my post titled “How To Raise Narcissistic Children“. In an irate comment on Facebook.com, she informed me that she is married with 2 other kids besides her twins. It’s telling that she doesn’t share photos of her other children or her husband on her Instagram page. I guess she wouldn’t receive many Instagram “likes” if she posted pics of them?

M and D tWins 2 Yung Kings

Oluomo (whom I assume to be African residing in Britain) created a Facebook account for the purpose of chastising me for rendering my opinion. She is oblivious to the fact that, in America, free speech is protected under the constitution.

Oluomo Sandra Evolution writes:

This is message to Sandra rose and those writing negatives comments about this boys. Am very close to the family and I know them well, first of all the mum is married with four kids eldest 16yrs and youngest 2yrs old . She s working class lady and the husband work in a law firm. Sandra rose you VE never meet this people and you wrote this horrible things about them. You talking about single mums ? What gave you the idea She’s single ? How many men do you see post pictures except celebrities. This boys stated reading when they were 2yrs old they as brilliant as they look they part of choir in their local church , show me your husband and kids then you can judge others. It’s not a crime to look after your kids to the standard . Am sure if they wore Mickey Mouse or Cartoon Network you won’t even look at them twice . You noticed them cause they cute. Why would this lovely well dressed kids disturb your morning tea if you were not miserable , depressed and very lonely .there are parents out there who never give a damn about their kids or see them. There parents out there who look after themselves not their kids . Introduce your hudband and kids pls???? Who are you again? Remind us , you think you are a journalist right ? You gonna be in serious trouble with the law for writing this , you stole their pics . Are you pedophile?????? Do you even have kids at all ???? Why are you so bitter about other success? LOOK AT THOSE PICS PROPERLY SHOW ME WHERE THEY DRESS WRONG? They ve been contacted by high standard modelling agency , they ve been contacted by American artist begging to meet them while they studding and living . You there in your miserable corner on on benefit lonely with a cup of tea and writing rubbish about people you don’t know or meet . Good luck to all of u with negative comments. And massive thanks to those with positive comments.

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