Sherri Shepherd

Former ‘The View’ co-host Sherri Shepherd is not at all happy with the way she is being portrayed in the media. Shepherd’s soon-to-be-ex-husband Lamar Sally aired her dirty laundry in a recent interview (for which he was paid an undisclosed sum of cash).

Sally said the 47-year-old television personality begged him to use his sperm to impregnate a 25-year-old waitress whom she hired as a surrogate to carry their baby.

But, before the baby was born, Sally filed for divorce from Shepherd. In response, Shepherd abandoned him and the surrogate. Now, Sally says, the state is going after the surrogate — a single mom with 2 children — for child support for Lamar Sally, Jr.

In a series of direct messages obtained by, Shepherd defended herself from accusations that she was a woman of “bad character” and “poor judgment” for helping to bring a baby into the world and then abandoning him.

“Remember there is always more sides to a story than the ‘exclusive’ stories one person is selling for money to the tabloids,” wrote Shepherd.

Shepherd accused Sally of pretending to be broke while profiting off the baby by selling photos to the tabloids.

“And interesting how one person petitions the court to seal the file bc all the media attention could endanger child yet pictures of the child are sold to same tabloids and constant pics of child are being tweeted out to over 8000 people/strangers.”

Despite their personal problems, the baby didn’t ask to come here. If Shepherd (and other women) want to be liberated and assume the role of men they should be held responsible for the babies they helped make — just as a man would be held responsible.

Sherri Shepherd

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