Chef cooks transsexual

A deranged chef murdered then cooked his transsexual “wife” before killing himself in Brisbane, Australia.

The NY Post described Mayang Prasetyo as a “high classed” hooker who charged up to $435 an hour for his services.

There was evidence of violence in Prasetyo’s “marriage” to Marcus Peter Volke, 28. Police say Volke showed up at a hospital with a lacerated hand. He told the staff Prasetyo cut him.

Prasetyo’s mother told the Courier-Mail he used his wages to help put his siblings, ages 18 and 15, through school.

Chef cooks transsexual

From NY Post:

The married couple at the center of the weekend’s grim murder-suicide in Brisbane had both recently spoken to family and given them no indication of problems in their relationship.

Yet friends of Prasetyo said yesterday they had held concerns about her husband, Marcus Peter Volke, 28, saying he was quiet, difficult to get to know and “extremely cold.”

Prasetyo’s mother spoke exclusively to The Courier-Mail yesterday from her home in Lampung, Indonesia, saying she was devastated at the loss of her eldest child, whom she referred to as her son Febri, the family’s breadwinner. Febri sent money home to Indonesia to support the family, including two sisters, ages 18 and 15.

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