Tyga covers VIBE

One of my loyal readers was outraged by a remark made by rapper Tyga in an interview with VIBE magazine.

My reader writes: “Sandra – please check Tyga for what he said about the black family and black women in VIBE.”

The email motivated me to go and read the entire article on VIBE’s website, and I must say I came away with a newfound respect for the young rapper.

Everything he spoke (about the black family and black women) was the truth. I’m sorry if the truth bites harder than fiction, but black women today are the main reason the black family is in shambles.

Here is what Tyga said:

You appear to be a wise 24. Do you feel older?
“Yeah, exactly. I think life is just about being happy now. But you gotta’ really know what’s going on and that’s really what’s going on. Like black women man, it’s sad right now.”

Is that what the relationship taught you?
“No, I already knew that so when I was ready to do that, and I had a kid. I had a kid for a reason, not by accident. I was tryna’ build something. A lot of people don’t realize that until it’s too late, so all you can do is continue to help people and move forward. Maybe something will go off in that person’s head or whatever one day. But I can’t blame her ‘cause I understand. It’s how we were raised, and then you go look at a white family—not to sound racist or anything—but those families stick together. It’s way different.

The Kardashians fit the profile. Speaking of, you’re not dating Kylie Jenner?
“Kylie? Nah. See the thing about Kylie… I’ve known Kylie and the whole family for four years. I introduced Chyna to Kim about a year ago. So everybody’s been cool, but like it’s just so hard, their world is different. If somebody wanna hang out, cool, I’m not opposed to hanging out with somebody. I hang out with her [Kylie], her sister [Kendall], I hang out with Scott [Disick] sometimes, I hang out with Khloe sometimes. But people wanna take the situation [with Kylie] to the next level.”

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