Options Charter school

A 22-year-old substitute teacher was arrested for providing sexual favors to a 17-year-old student athlete.

Symone Greene of Fort Washington was a one-day substitute for an absent teacher at D.C.’s Options Public Charter School. Witnesses say Greene flirted all day with “Moe” — a popular athlete on the school’s football team.

Police say Moe gave Greene his cell phone number during the final class of the day, and moments later, she sent him a text message.

The two began exchanging text messages over the next half hour. Moe told police he deleted most of the texts and couldn’t recall their content. At one point, Moe said he typed “kinky,” and the teacher allegedly responded, “I don’t tell I show.”

Moe said he went to Greene’s classroom at 3:26 p.m. and she let him in. He told her he couldn’t stay long because the school was holding a pep rally for the football team and he had to leave at 3:40 p.m.

According to the police report obtained by the Washington Post, Greene gave Moe oral sex behind her desk.

He reportedly told her to perform as many sex acts as the number on his football jersey. The police report didn’t mention what the number was.

Moe used his cell phone to secretly record Greene servicing him. Later, Moe shared the video with other football players. A school official said the graphic video “went viral” within the school environment.

Another teacher viewed the video and alerted the police and child protective services. Greene was arrested and charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a minor, a felony.

When Green was initially contacted by police, she texted Moe “not to tell anyone because it is not right for a student and teacher to have a relationship.”

She also begged him to tell police she “only helped him with his résumé and nothing else happened while they were in the classroom together.”

By that time Moe’s cell phone was in the possession of a police detective who responded to Greene as if he were the student.

“When u trying to see me again?” the detective asked, according to the affidavit. Police said the English teacher responded: “Oo. U gona get me in trouble. Chill. We gotta be slick with it.”

“Omg .?.?. don’t talk to me ever again,” Greene texted. “I’m bout to be put in jail.” Greene also texted: “This can ruin my whole life. .?.?. why couldn’t u just keep it to urself.”

At another point, police said, Greene told the student: “Tru but u don’t just be having sex with just anybody but I cant doe my body is taken for my boyfriend.”

The school has cut ties with the agency that provided Greene as a substitute teacher.