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Rihanna continues to deny rumors of romantic liaisons with every man she has ever been linked with. In the January issue of ALLURE magazine, Rihanna says, "You can't even go out with a friend who's a celebrity and have a good time without people making (bleep) up." We hear you girl.

In short order, Rihanna denied relationships with her boss Jay Z, and pals Josh Hatnett and Shia LaBeouf. Did we leave anybody out? The one rumor she didn't deny was a fling with BFF Ciara whom she asked to join the European leg of her tour. But rumors coming out of Europe is that Ciara and Rihanna aren't getting along. I'm being told that Rihanna is miffed that Ciara is spending too much time with her pal 50 Cent.

It seems Ciara and her people are trying hard to shake those peaky lesbiana rumors that have plagued Ciara - and her supposedly dating Lil' Bow Wow didn't help matters at all. Friends say Rihanna appears "exhausted" and "depressed" and recently cancelled 3 UK tour dates because Ciara wasn't able to perform.

  • Ladyy

    Sandra your a mess lmao. What is your obsession with rhianna & ciara supposedly being 'more than friends'. It seems like that's one of your unfulfilled fantasies.

  • 2thick4u

    Well I am glad that Ciara is spending time with 50:)!!!

    As for the lesbian rumors...whatever!!!

  • brinabelle

    Sandra his name is Josh Hartnett*

  • lea

    LMAO, Sandra there have never been any rumors about Ci being that way. You are the only person in the world who thinks that. And quite frankly it's disturbing. And she only denied being with those men. She didn't deny dating men. And another thing she canceled the concerts because she was sick. But you knew that already you just had to post some bull sh!t for today..

  • BayArea

    What about CHRIS BROWN? I heard Rihanna left him a little stuck after kicking it with him in a hotel room. This info came from Wendy Williams. She called them both up on the phone, but could only get in touch with Rihanna. Chris Brown kept hanging up the phone.

  • tbrown

    She knows she and Josh hooked up. LOL. Dude couldn't even deny it when he was on Letterman or The Tonight Show. LOL. Whatever. Maybe she canceled the dates because Ciara wasn't able to perform? LOLOL And they wouldn't make as much money without Ciara there? You're crazy Sandra! LOL

  • milly

    This whole post is funny..LMAO

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  • blackgyrl

    Sandra you need to grow up CiCi and RiRi are what 19 and 22 and your like over 40 old enough to be they're mother chile please lay off the lesbian rant errbody aint gay DAMN!!

  • Goliano

    You need help.

  • aqtpie

    LMAO @ this whole post and Sandra's certified nutty a$$.

  • KiKi So Fresh usual, you definitely have your information WRONG!

    Rihanna and Ciara are the best of people need to stop making up a feud between them and stop saying their "dating" each other just because they're close friends. How would you like it if people always linked you to "dating" one of your friends just because you hang out with her a lot?

    And also, Rihanna had to cancel 3 shows on her U.K. tour because of doctor's orders. Nothing was wrong with Ciara. She was able to perform. Google it and you'll find several articles about it on UK websites. Rihanna had a bad cold. All 3 of the shows were postponed for a later date. 2 of the shows that were cancelled are still on for this week and the 3rd show that was cancelled has been postponed until March.

    Rihanna was praising Ciara last week about how good her first performance on the tour was. They have nothing against each other.

  • Goliano

    Slow down, KiKi. Facts are Sandra's kryptonite.

  • hellava10

    Rihanna denies relationships with men----correct title should read Rihanna's eyebrows deny relationship with her hair line. That child has a large dome.