Kim Kardashian

Last night, a friend and I were discussing the Top 5 attention whores in the entertainment industry. We both decided socialite Kim Kardashian should top the list — with American singer Beyonce Knowles-Carter coming in a close second.

Kim Kardashian

The criteria for Top 5 attention whoreism included doing anything and everything within one’s power to stay relevant.

Kim and Beyonce easily met that criteria, as their names consistently pops up in the news, on blogs and on social media darn near every day.

But one thing Beyonce would never do is shame herself and her family by stripping completely naked for a magazine layout. Beyonce may crave attention, but she’s also a lady.

Kim, who has no shame, bared it all for something called Paper magazine. The graphic photos were plastered all over the Internets by horny men with nothing else better to do with their time. is a family-oriented blog, therefore we ignored Kim’s latest PR stunt. But we couldn’t ignore a mother of one stripping down to her birthday suit in a desperate bid for attention.

Kim Kardashian

From Page Six:

It turns out the reality star has bared absolutely all for the raunchy Paper magazine photo shoot whose revealing backside cover shot bum-rushed the world on Tuesday.

In the inside images, released on Wednesday, the mom of one is completely nude, showing the world every inch of her famous body.
In the most revealing photo (seen above, with black bars that didn’t make their way to the magazine), a nude Kardashian goes full-frontal, wearing nothing but a pearl choker. The 34-year-old holds a black gown around her legs, but the material does nothing to cover up her curvaceous assets.

In another photo, Kardashian’s body is positioned to the side, with her bare breasts fully visible.
Not everyone was a fan of the now-famous booty shot gracing the cover of Paper’s winter issue: “Glee” star Naya Rivera expressed her distaste over the photo, commenting on Kardashian’s Instagram account on Tuesday: “I normally don’t. But….you’re someone’s mother.”

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