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Laura Kasperzak and Mini

Laura Kasperzak is a mom, wife and Yoga instructor who still has plenty of time for her young daughter, Mini. Both Laura and Mini share a love of Yoga that is documented lovingly in amazing photos on Laura's Instagram account. Her @Laurasykora IG account has over 1 million devoted followers.


Not only does four-year-old Mini have great form, she’s also a natural on camera. As her mom — who has been honing her craft for the last 17 years — told BabyCenter, “She’s the ham of my two children, and loves to be photographed. Just recently she was doing a headstand and said ‘Mommy, take a picture!’ After I did she said ‘Let me see.’ She goes, ‘Oh no, mommy, we have to do it again. I wasn’t smiling.’”

While not all of Mini’s moves are traditional, shall we say, they’re still delightful nonetheless. Here’s hoping her willingness to give anything a go helps you shake the winter doldrums and get revved up for the official start of spring. ‘Cuz after all, if a four-year-old can do this stuff, surely you can too. Right?

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    • Ms Peaches

      I wish I could yoga this crook out of my back.

    • Jay3088

      I always wanted to try yoga but.... Not that flexible.

    • VDot

      :thinking: Congratulations? :shrug:

    • Yawncé

      how adorable

    • missluv



      Congratulations? :shrug:
      What She Said :shrug:

    • MisUnderstood

      Pics are cute but only pose I do right in yoga is fart.


      if you cant do it with a diyuk inside yoga is pointless

      do squats get them cheeks right #noKmichelle

    • San ah make ya dance

      Cute but :newpost:

    • Beta


    •!/video.php?v=347882248719363 User Friendly

      I have her on my pinterest. love! :happy:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      So cute :love:

    • CocoKhaleesi

      U don't have to be flexi to do yoga you shout try it!

    • lovebites

      i do yoga and it helps with chronic back problems. it also helps breathing...

    • GWU

      Jay3088 says:

      I always wanted to try yoga but…. Not that flexible.

      Get a beginners dvd, you'll be shocked how quickly your body takes to it. It doesn't matter what size or level of fitness you are. Plus is very calming.