Last week a viral video stirred heated debate about men’s first amendment rights and women’s rights to feel safe while walking down the street. The race-baiting video featured an average looking Caucasian woman sauntering down the seedier side of NYC for 10 hours while receiving over 100 catcalls and wolf whistles from black and Hispanic men.

Hollaback, the group that conducted the social experiment using a hidden camera, claims to be “an international movement to end street harassment.” With a little prompting from the media the group readily admitted to editing the final video to remove most of the white males who also spoke to the young lady.

Despite the obvious racial bias, the NY Times suggests a new law that would make it illegal for black and Hispanic men to speak to a white woman in passing on the streets of NY.

The NY Times asked readers: “Should current laws dealing with harassment be strengthened to include catcalling, or will that go too far in trying to control speech and behavior?”

One reader agreed that current laws need more teeth.

“I agree that there should be a law against street harassment,” wrote a commenter named Andrea from Boston. “I am sick of people telling me that a man’s First Amendment right is more important than my right to feel safe in public places.”

Reader SZ agreed.

“There should be a law. It is scary and infuriating. Who are they to ruin my day? Who are they to attempt to diminish me? I have no recourse,” SZ complained, apparently seriously. “Anything I say or do inspires more unwanted attention. The bullies have made the law necessary.”

Missing from most of the debates is a known fact; that males and females are born with an instinct to reproduce. Asking men not to even acknowledge women of child bearing age goes against the laws of nature.

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