Rap icon Lil Kim went from 0-100 on R&B singer and reality star K. Michelle yesterday. Before we get to the roasting I should mention that K. Michelle’s current album, Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? (Atlantic Records), is on pace to top 100,000 in record sales next week. That puts her in very rare company as only 2 other urban artists — and no other female R&B singer — sold more than 100K records in all of 2014!

Furthermore, I listened to K. Michelle’s album yesterday and it’s actually pretty good. So put aside your personal opinion of her and go support our urban artists by copping the CD!

Now on to the roasting!

The original Queen B was quite perturbed that K. Michelle spread lies about her only child. It seems K. Michelle recounted an untrue story about meeting the Queen who bestowed the honor of asking K to be godmother to her daughter, Royal Reign.

In typical Lil Kim fashion, the Queen mutha dismembered K. Michelle and scattered her body parts all over Instagram.