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Troop singer Reggie Warren (far right) passed away after battling unspecified health issues. He was 52.

The R&B veteran died on Sunday, March 14, following his discharge from a California hospital on Saturday. He was discharged so he could spend his final moments at his San Bernardino County, California home with his family, his spokesperson told TMZ.

The spokesperson added that his death was not coronavirus-related.

Warren rose to fame with R&B group Troop, an acronym for Total Respect of Other People, in the 1980s. Group members included childhood pals Rodney Benford, Steve Russell, John Harreld, and Allen McNeil.

The group scored their first big hit with the single "Mamacita," and went on to enjoy further success with "Spread My Wings," taken from their second album, Attitude, and a cover of the Jacksons hit song "All I Do is Think of You."

Troop also famously made an appearance as an a capella group in Wesley Snipes' movie classic New Jack City, performing a cover of Stevie Wonder's "Living For the City."

The band embarked on a hiatus in the late 1990s, but eventually reunited in the 2000s and performed in concert with acts like Boyz II Men, Keith Sweat, Jon B, and Brian McKnight.

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The streets are talking about a Grammy-winning music producer who once dated an underaged singer that he referred to as "fast" for her age. did not write the following Blind Item.

Her stepfather is a pastor and her mom is a religious, lowkey lady so she wasn't raised ratchet (although her real dad was a little rough around the edges) and came from a normal middle class background. She just got caught up in the allure of the streets early and it became a part of her identity. I feel like dealing with [incarcerated rapper] as a teenager did something to her psyche. [Music producer] recently talked about her dating him and how she would be in the projects all the time. That's why when people say he's her "soulmate", I’m like "Are people forgetting that this dude was a whole grown man messing with her when she was 16/17?" It was too much, which is also why [producer] calling her fast kinda didn't sit right with me. He knew better and was the adult in the situation regardless. And maybe [singer] doesn't feel that way (that it affected her) but IMO, it definitely had a lasting impression and influenced her "type."

Question: Who is the singer and who is the music producer?

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