TI stalker

Friend of the blog, rap mogul Tip “T.I.” Harris, lives in a gated subdivision in a moneyed enclave of Jonesboro, Georgia, just south of Atlanta. For extra added security T.I. also erected a gate around his mansion. It’s a good thing he did, because his crazed fans in Atlanta don’t respect his family’s privacy.

T.I.’s luxury manse is showcased every week on his hit reality TV series, Family Hustle. But that doesn’t mean fans can show up outside his gate uninvited at ungodly hours.

TI stalker

Just because T.I. is banned from carrying a weapon by law doesn’t mean his security and his wife, Tameka Harris, can’t.

From StraightfromtheA.com:

The woman above, who goes by the name TheRealCrawlins on instagram thought it was a bright idea to visit T.I.’s gated mansion the day after Thanksgiving.

The crazed stalker popped up at mansion, which is featured on T.I. & Tiny’s ‘Family Hustle’ reality show, blasting music in hopes that the superstar would come outside and engage (wheredeydothatat??)

And as if that wasn’t enough, she even posted photos and video online, stating:

T.I. caught wind of the post and was understandably disturbed, so he hit the net to respond:

So they showed up to talk ‘business’… in the middle of the night… unannounced… REALLY??????

I’m almost certain Tip shouldn’t be in possession of any firearms… but that’s besides the point!

Whatever the case, ‘therealcrawlins’ responded again online, in an effort to explain… even though there really is NO explanation to doing dumb sh*t.

She states: