Andre and Tiffany Pugh

Another Onyx stripclub DJ is in the news. Police say Andre Pugh, 34, who goes by the nom de guerre DJ Awesome, hired his best friend Adrian Harley to murder his wife Tiffany Pugh, 30, and to make the hit look like a botched robbery gone horribly wrong.

A police report obtained by WGCL-TV shows Pugh called 911 on Nov. 23 to report his wife was dead. Police arrived at Pugh’s East Point, GA., home to find Pugh waiting outside.

“My kids are in there! She’s not picking up the phone!” Pugh yelled at arriving officers, according to the police report.

Inside the home, police found Tiffany Pugh dead in her bed. A small child was straddling her chest. The police report noted Tiffany Pugh appeared to be shot through the left eye. A bullet hole was observed in the headboard behind her head.

The couple had 2 children, ages 2 and 7.

Andre Pugh and Adrian Harley

Harley, pictured right, served as a pallbearer at Tiffany Pugh’s Nov. 29 funeral.

Pugh, pictured left, was arrested on Saturday while working at Onyx, a prominent Atlanta-area strip club. The club’s previous DJ, William Fernando Barnes, also known as DJ Nando, was shot to death in the driveway of his Clayton County home in January. Police are comparing the bullets from both crime scenes to determine if they came from the same gun.

“If he did it, there’s no words for him right now. I hope he rots in hell,” a friend of Tiffany Pugh’s told CBS 46.

The friend said the couple had marital problems and that Tiffany Pugh was preparing to move out of the home they shared.

“Everybody knew they had problems, it wasn’t no big secret,” the friend told the station.

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