teacher fired

An Oklahoma teacher with a sweet tooth was fired last week after she allegedly stuffed 11 children into her car — 2 of them in the trunk — to go on a snack run.

From Gawker.com:

An Oklahoma middle school teacher was fired last week for doing something you might do with your punkass cousins but probably shouldn’t do if you’re certified to teach minors: she put eleven kids in her Honda Accord and locked two of them in the trunk on a mission to find snacks. Snacks are important but they aren’t that important, man.

Heather Cagle had been teaching at a middle school in Catoosa, Oklahoma for ten years when she decided to take her yearbook group to Walmart a quarter of a mile away. Not only was she not allowed to take students off campus without permission from their parents, but it was additionally ill-advised to stuff several twelve-year-olds into a car, trunk included. Even if it’s just for some Goldfish crackers.