Harold Hamm and Sue Ann Arnell

Harold Hamm’s bitter divorce from Sue Ann Arnall appears to be over. Arnall deposited Hamm’s $975 million hand-written check this week, after refusing to accept the check while she filed an appeal.

In November, an Oklahoma County judge ruled that Hamm, a billionaire oil executive, owed his ex-wife $974.8 million in a divorce settlement after 24 years of marriage.

But Arnall declined to accept the check while she filed an appeal of the judge’s ruling. Arnall was sure she could convince an appeals judge to award her what she believed she was worth — $18 billion dollars.

But then common sense prevailed.

From Reuters:

“We have received confirmation that the check was deposited in an Oklahoma City bank,” Box said. “We feel this is the end of the case from her perspective. It means she’s done and should dismiss her appeal.”

A person familiar with Arnall’s case confirmed the deposit, which represents one of the largest divorce awards in U.S. history. Arnall could not be reached directly for comment. It was not clear whether she intends to pursue an appeal after the check clears.

“If she’s cashing the check, I would think the reasonable conclusion is that they both will accept the trial court’s decision, dismiss their appeals and put an end to the case,” said Oklahoma family law expert Carolyn Thompson.

Harold Hamm and Sue Ann Arnell

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