Toya Wright and MempHitz split

All is quiet over at the Toya Wright household. According to Rhymeswithsnitch, unemployed reality show producer MempHitz packed his things and moved out of the home he shared with the Atlanta socialite and her daughter, Reginae Carter.


After weeks of speculation sources confirm MempHitz has moved out on Toya…

Insiders tell TMZ MempHitz has officially left his wife and moved out to California leaving Toya behind in Atlanta.

The source claims it will be up to Toya to file for divorce but rumors of an on-break baby coming between them are false.

Fun Fact: K. Michelle moved to California last year.

MempHitz broke the news of his split from his wife in a series of highly emotional social media posts. Toya, 31, and MempHitz were married in a made-for-TV ceremony that was filmed by BET in 2011.

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