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Socialite Kim Kardashian‘s latest magazine cover is causing a stir.

“Kim Kardashian Nearly Unrecognizable On Love Magazine Cover” touts the NY Daily News — rather than just stating the obvious: Kim looks like she’s in blackface on Love magazine’s cover.

In today’s mixed up world, normal is abnormal and abnormal is an ever-evolving reality. Back in the day, when transgenderism was treated as the disorder that it is; cross dressers had to “live as women” in order to qualify for radical sex change surgeries.

By definition, “living as a woman” meant a man wearing makeup, a dress, a wig, and carrying a purse — all stereotypical girly things.

By contrast, I am a biological female who doesn’t own a dress, a purse or a pair of pumps. I don’t wear makeup, wigs or hair extensions. So by definition, I’m not living my life as a woman.

But cross dressers such as Amiyah Scott and Laverne Cox are accepted as “women” in today’s society because they tuck their manly parts out of view and they adorn their bodies in stereotypical girly things.

It’s no secret that Kim wants to be black. She has completely immersed herself in the black culture; she married a black man and bore his child; and she is known for her manufactured butt that emulates voluptuous African American women.

If Amiyah and Laverne are “women”, why can’t Kim Kardashian — who lives her life as a black woman — be black?


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