Kim Kardashian is Not Pregnant

Rumors of Kim Kardashian’s 2nd pregnancy swept the Internet like Hurricane Katrina earlier this week. Kim’s camp was quick to deny the baby rumors. A source close to Kim told Gossip Cop Kim “is NOT pregnant”.

Did you really think a narcissist would ruin her figure having another baby when the first one didn’t bring her the attention she craves?

Meanwhile, Kim gushed to her fans that she can’t wait to take daughter North with her on her travels. With both Kim and Kanye constantly travelling, Kimmy can’t wait until she can take her precious cargo with her.

In a chat with her fans on Mobio INsider, the reality TV beauty said: “I want her to travel a lot. I think its important to see different cultures and lifestyles. I didn’t start traveling internationally until I was a bit older and I learned so much. I can’t wait to show her the world.”

But the proud mum of one couldn’t stop there as she revealed what her favorite part about being a mum was. She said: “I love cuddling! We cuddled and played all day. She is napping now so I can check my social media.” Source

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