Shay Johnson and Kore Stacks

Reality TV personality Shay “Buckeey” Johnson has a new man who, interestingly enough, came out as a gay rapper last year.

Shay Johnson and Kore Stacks

Kore Stacks was a hustler struggling to break into the rap scene when he was interviewed by ACONNECTIONTV last year.

“This is me putting it out there, it is what it is… it’s out now. I consider myself gay, yes,” said Mr. Stacks.

Clearly, Shay did not see this video. Or maybe she knows her man is gay, but like most Atlanta women who are desperate for intimacy, she thinks half a man is better than no man.

Down low gay men are an epidemic in Atlanta. The down low men who are hustlers tend to connect with desperate women who pay their bills while they creep with other men on the low.

A recent study revealed 1 in 5 black men in Atlanta is infected with the HIV virus. Hopefully Shay knows her HIV status.

Shay Johnson and Kore Stacks

Watch the interview below:

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