The Real

Viewers of Fox’s The Real witnessed a truly spectacularly insulting moment on Friday’s show. The cultural difference between The Real co-hosts, who are black or biracial, and Jeannie Mai, a Chinese/American, was never more evident than during today’s episode.

Tamera and Aden

Co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley recently played the part of a wife in an interracial marriage on Melissa Joan Hart‘s show, Melissa & Joey. Tamera and her Caucasian TV husband have a cute biracial baby boy.

Jeannie Mai, 36, noted that Tamera’s TV baby, who is a light skinned black child, did not resemble Tamera’s son, Aden (pictured above).

It should be noted (for those who don’t know) that Tamera is involved in an interracial marriage in real life.

Here are Jeannie’s exact words: “I think it was interesting having a white husband and a baby who looked nothing like Aden.”

The implication was obvious: Tamera’s TV baby looks black, while Tamera’s real life son Aden does not.

The Real

The look on Tamera’s face was priceless. Tamera, who appeared to be stunned By Jeannie’s ignorance, turned and looked at co-host Tamar Braxton, who also seemed at a loss for words.

Why is Jeannie Mai even on the show? She offers nothing of entertainment value, and she always looks out of place and awkward trying to be “down” with the sistas.

When will Fox realize she doesn’t fit in?