DAngelo and Vanguard on SNL

R&B singer D'Angelo put his substance abuse and legal problems behind him for a stirring comeback performance on Saturday Night Live.

DAngelo and Vanguard on SNL

D'Angelo and his multi-talented band Vanguard played two songs from their critically acclaimed Black Messiah album.

For the "Black Messiah" track, D'Angelo made a political statement by wearing a hoodie in tribute to 17-year-old Martin, who was gunned down by acquitted neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman.

The band wore "I Can't Breathe" t-shirts and there was a chalked outline of a body on the studio floor -- in tribute to Michael Brown and Eric Garner, unarmed black men who were killed by white police officers.

D'Angelo also performed "Really Love," while dressed in a poncho and cowboy hat. The band Vanguard consists of guitarists Jesse Johnson (of The Time) and Isaiah Sharkey, Prince drummer John Blackwell, The Who bassist Pino Palladino and keyboardist Cleo "Pookie" Sample.

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    • Hair Lova Formerly Known As Dark Ceaser

      Omg I love his new songs. But damn D'Angelo life ain't been no crystal stair case, huh?

    • MissArtist

      I love D'Angelo. Very, very talented, and thanks for not being afraid to make a statement! :yes:

    • thriftStoreJungle

      thanks for the post, auntie. i haven't watched SNL in years and hate i missed this last night. great performances, as expected. d'angelo's return to the scene is abundantly necessary and welcomed. great album. especially "betray my heart" :yes:

    • https://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

      @ thriftStoreJungle: You're welcome hun.

    • CocoKhaleesi

      I really have been meaning to get that CD....is it just me or is he looking pretty "Ike-ish" in that pic up top? I love sundee posts!

    • http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8eIKYHFCEWk kno_no_good

      Good to hear from D'angelo again

    • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

      Getting the album today

    • Str8NoChaser

      Love love love his voice...but uhhh...he's still rockin those braids?? :nono: gone head and give it up D! A nice fade would suit you fine!