Daniel Gibson and DJ

Former NBA star-turned-rapper Daniel “Boobie” Gibson is outraged at his estranged wife, singer Keyshia Cole, for implying that he was cheating with a video vixen.

On Tuesday, Gibson wrote a scathing, no-holds barred post on Instagram.com accusing Cole of, among other things, exploiting their son, DJ, to boost TV ratings for Cole’s new reality TV show (in which Boobie is featured and draws a paycheck).

Keyshia Cole

The bitter post caused an immediate stir on social media among fans of both Boobie and Cole who took sides against the other.

Although Gibson’s poison pen post was covered extensively on blogs and Twitter.com yesterday, some bloggers remained skeptical that Gibson’s post wasn’t yet another ploy to boost TV ratings. It doesn’t help that these sorts of allegations and innuendoes tend to fly whenever a reality TV show is on the air.

But that’s beside the point. A minor child is involved, and TV ratings should take a back seat to a child’s mental health and well-being. Keyshia and Boobie should take care to remember that their son DJ is on social media and he can read the awful things they are saying about each other.

Maybe a reality TV show was not a wise idea.

Daniel Gibson and DJ

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